Going nowhere, fast.

by Street Lights

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released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Street Lights Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: Golden chains
I’ve made my mind, I'm giving up,
and I will live my life in the shadow
you take what's left, you take the rest
but in the end I want to tell you to fuck off

In this race there is no place for me,
I'm just too smart to be a part of it
and you could be even king
but what you call your aim
I call fucking chains

Golden chains, still make you slave. Who's the fool now?

Think about yourself as the chosen one
but after all you're just a guy
who's wearing chains
Track Name: Pandora
It's everything I hate
whole world’s mistakes at one place
misery and weakness
frustration and contempt
it's twitching my soul
it's tearing my mind
into pieces I feel like I’m falling

I am my own Pandora's box
I open it daily when I open my eyes
I live despite myself and I try to do it right
I feel the burden, I feel heavy weight hanging at my neck and dragging me down
Like still running and running
War against myself
Evil versus good
Satan versus God
I'm lost, I'm in doubts
Certain thing is I will choose wrong
Just another night spent on wrong side of tracks
and no matter what comes next I know
defeat shall be mine
Track Name: Pushing stones
If we’d ever had a life, I'm more than sure
someone took it from us, left alone
between water and wind
sentenced to die or forced to live
nothing good can happen to us
it’s all too late because we're fucked
and someone else picked our choices 
they pull the strings in this game called life

Like Sisyphus
we're pushing stones to the highest mountain top
bound not by chains but someone's will
eternal suffering
ceasing despair
class segregation
on silver plate
in golden frames
like Sisyphus we're conviced
like Sisyphus we're bedeviled

Being a concious man is worst nightmare I could ever had
oh please, please let me not to dream it again
let me forget just for a second, for a while
what this is all about

Hate the moments when i realize
everything has been already set up

If we've ever been born under the lucky star
someone turn it's light down
left all alone for wolves to feed
sentenced to die or forced to live
Track Name: Thankful
I can see no life in your eyes but you're breathing
I can see no light but you’re trying to tell me that everything is fine
I can see no sense in paying attention to what you have said
To empty words, it's just empty words.

You want me to be thankfull for you tearing my life
For putting it into pieces,
for leaveing the mark so deep, so fatefull
so I can never and ever go back
to the place where I belong
to the place wheree I'm calm
Track Name: Vicious circle
Didn't anybody tell you that we live life full of shit
We live a hell in here
And so it goes, try to survive
Waiting for payment like behind the prison bars

We are all victims of our own failures
put into madness of ambitions to high
try to achieve, try to succeed, try to accept it
to go and live with the pressure turning round our necks
ways to get out are all closed
they are closed for good
all hope is gone, street lights faded away
we are left all alone facing the destiny
that will never and ever come

We are just men who have been taken away
all of the treasures we have, all our innocence

Can't do a thing but to close my eyes
Can't do a thing but bite my own tounge